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Amici Bowling League

Hulse, Playfair & McGarry

What They Do:

The Amici Bowling League, located in Richmond Hill, ON, is a vibrant and tight-knit community of bowling enthusiasts. With a membership of 40 to 50 individuals, they gather once a week to enjoy friendly and competitive bowling matches. The league’s spirit extends beyond the lanes, as they organize a variety of exciting activities like turkey rolls, banquets, pizza nights, and thoughtful gifts for their members. With a remarkable history spanning over 20 years, the Amici Bowling League exemplifies the power of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and lifelong friendships formed through the shared love of bowling.

The Project:

I had the privilege of collaborating with the Amici Bowling League on a transformative project that revolutionized their administrative processes. Previously, the league relied on manual methods, involving multiple spreadsheets and calculations, to calculate weekly scores and standings. This labor-intensive task consumed several hours of their time. Communication was done through personal email accounts, thereby making the transition from old committee members to new ones more difficult.


The Result:

With the implementation of a more streamlined and automated Google Sheet for score tracking, I was able to streamline the process, reducing the time required to less than 15 minutes. Additionally, to enhance communication and information sharing, I created a dedicated Google Account for the league. This allowed them to centralize all league-related information within one account, making it easily shareable and transferable to new committee members. By leveraging the power of technology, the Amici Bowling League has achieved greater efficiency, improved organization, and seamless knowledge transfer within their committee.

Automated Google Sheets for score tracking