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Hi, I’m Sandra Eamor.

I help businesses and charities solve problems by implementing more efficient systems within their budget.

I started All About Systems as a way to help small businesses and charities with their IT projects. I have over 15 years of experience in the corporate world implementing and integrating large scale systems like HR/Payroll, CRM, Finance, Contract Management, Service Management, Project Management, Security and more!

I am also the President of the Toronto Area One Parent Families Association. I understand the challenges of operating a charity on a $0 budget. So I found free and low-cost ways to implement those systems and get things working smoothly.

My strength is finding free or low-cost solutions to YOUR business problems.  I take advantage of FREE or low-cost versions of cloud-based software and make them work for YOU!  

I am an expert at understanding what you NEED and giving you a CLEAR solution that meets those needs. 

Book a FREE 15-minute Problem Solving Session to get better business systems NOW!