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What makes All About Systems stand out is our strategic, personalized approach. When you choose All About Systems you are choosing a technology partner who is invested in your business success.

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Empowering entrepreneurs to use technology to build efficient digital workplaces

Imagine a world where every small business owner can be empowered through technology.  The solutions may be simple, but they make a huge difference.

  Get to know us

How it all started

All About Systems is a Toronto-based technology consulting agency founded by Sandra Eamor in 2011.

After noticing that most businesses fail in the first few years, Sandra saw an opportunity to empower small business owners with affordable technology solutions to support sustainable growth.

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  Meet Sandra

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Hi, I’m Sandra Eamor

I empower entrepreneurs and nonprofits to create the right mix of People + Processes + Technology to build an efficient digital workplace.

I started All About Systems as a way to help small businesses and charities with their IT projects.

Having spent over 20 years selecting and implementing a variety of systems for large corporate clients, I realized that smaller businesses lacked the access to the same kind of expertise.

It was disappointing because they were the ones who needed it the most!

Selecting the wrong system, not selecting one at all or using your systems inefficiently can literally make or break a smaller business. The number of software options out there can be overwhelming. There are a million webinars that list all the great software options for small businesses.

But, most entrepreneurs don’t know how to select the right ones for THEIR business!

How do you choose?  And once you do, how do you set it up?

I have over 15 years of experience implementing and integrating large scale systems like HR/Payroll, CRM, Finance, Contract Management, Service Management, Project Management, Security and more!

When I’m not busy implementing and improving systems, you can find me spending time with my family.  My husband, two tween girls, my fluffy Malshi pup and I love to spend time at the beach, go for hikes, play video games and watch movies. When I need some me time, you can find me out with friends, at a spa, watching sunsets, or enjoying a bubble bath with a glass of wine.

I also love to give back and volunteer as the President of the One Parent Families Association and I am the Ontario Host for Techsoup Connect. I understand the challenges of operating a charity on a $0 budget.

My strength is finding free or low-cost solutions to YOUR business problems. 

I am an expert at understanding what you NEED and giving you a CLEAR solution that meets those needs.

Our values speak for themselves

What makes All About Systems stand out is our strategic, personalized approach. From the initial contact to the finished project, we base every client interaction on our four key values: Relationships, Community, Balance and Transparency.  


Relationships create the foundation for everything in business; they involve trust, communication, and respect.


Entrepreneurs thrive within a community, and we strive to contribute to ours.


Every problem has a solution when the needs are clearly defined. We are problem solvers at heart, and we do so by thoughtfully understanding the real-world situation of each client.


We are open and up-front at the beginning of the project, and we communicate changes as they occur.

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