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Empowering entrepreneurs and nonprofits to use technology to build efficient digital workplaces

Imagine a world where every small business or nonprofit can be empowered through technology.  The solutions may be simple, but they will make a significant impact.

We empower your business or nonprofit to use technology to work smarter within your budget.

work smarter

Work Smarter

Efficient digital workplaces are more than just tech. Improve collaboration through training and tech so you can work smarter and get things done.

run smoother

Run Smoother

  Automate processes,  learn to use your existing systems better or decide if you need  new ones.  We help you decide and set up what you need to run smoother.

save time and money

Save Time and Money

You can sleep soundly knowing you made the right decision for your business and your wallet. Get solutions and recommendations for budgets of any size.

enjoy the journey

Enjoy the Journey

Systems don’t need to be scary. We meet you wherever you are in your digital journey and take away the intimidation to create an enjoyable and even fulfilling experience.


All About Systems works with small business owners and nonprofits to implement efficient technology solutions to increase productivity. With so many options out there it can be overwhelming to figure out what is the RIGHT fit for your business. We take a strategic, personal approach to empower each client through technology.

Digital Workplace Consulting

Systems don’t need to be scary.  Our Digital Workplace Assessments are the first step to working smarter.  Whether you operate fully remote or in a hybrid model, we can help you determine what you need to do to build an efficient digital workplace and operate efficiently.  We evaluate your current people+processes+technology, help you determine your future goals and then create a plan for how you can get there.


Give your users or members the confidence they need to use technology. 

We work with individuals to offer one on one training on a variety of systems and topics including Google Workspace and Project Management for small teams.

We work with organizations of any size, in person or online to help train on a variety of topics as well as delivering custom workshops and training programs.


We have experience in a wide range of digital environments and apps including Google Workspace, Zoho One and Microsoft Office.

When it comes to systems, we believe that there are many possibilities to choose from.  With the abundance of free and cheap software available, we will help you to explore and find the best solution to meet your needs and budget.

Project Management

Do you have a technology project and need some extra support to see it through? We offer consulting services for technology projects. We can help you set up your project for success or manage it all for you from beginning to end.

Let’s work together…

All About Systems helps you SELECT, LEARN, AUTOMATE and OPTIMIZE the RIGHT solutions

to meet YOUR needs within YOUR BUDGET.

Top notch training

Sandra provided our membership with an excellent training module on Google Drive – Basics & Beyond. She is a very intuitive instructor and provided great examples, answered our members’ questions and presented the information with class and expertise. AAP would highly recommend Sandra and All About Systems for all your Google technical training needs!

Chrisy Burton

A key player on the team

Sandra has done a variety of different things to help my business for over ten years. Everything from managing and implementing my CRM, web and marketing projects to training me and my admin staff. Sandra has been very instrumental in helping me streamline all of my systems, selecting the right ones and using my vendors and service providers effectively. Her honesty, patience and especially her knowledge have been exactly what I required to get me to where I am today. I plan on keeping Sandra on board so that I can keep up to date with all things digital. She is definitely an asset to have! Thanks Sandra.

Lisa S
Lisa Sinopoli

Problem solving with real solutions

Sandra has a special talent in helping you solve the true problem you are having, and finding the right solution that you will actually use!  As an entrepreneur I was struggling to find a way to post on social media regularly.   Working with Sandra, she helped me realize that the best solution for my business was to just use a simple Google Sheet.  She listened to my needs, and designed an easy to use template with customizable drop down fields and specific to what my business needed.  The recorded training session made it helpful to pass along to my new admin assistant as well.  I can now use the template to plan all of my marketing for each quarter in just a few hours and let my admin do the rest.

Katsy Entifi
Katsy Entifi

High attention to detail

I worked with Sandra and All About Systems on a project that required a high attention to detail and strong technical expertise. She took the time to really understand exactly what we needed, and the final product she produced was right on the mark! I was very impressed with the turnaround time and professionalism throughout the process. I will undoubtedly be working with Sandra on future projects.

Jason Greenspan

Great communications skills

Sandra is a joy to work with. She is a people person with great communications skills. Intelligent, kind.

Diana Secola

Highly organized and professional

Sandra is an ardent professional! Not only is she a wonderful lady, she is a highly organized and dedicated professional with highly attuned communication skills.  Sandra’s ability as an exemplary leader and organizer would greatly contribute to any company’s success.

Cathy Davis
New Business Development Exec

Organized and reliable

Among her many qualities, Sandra is pleasant, capable, organized multitasker; reliable, fast learner; a responsive leader & supportive to peers & people around her.

Peter S. Chan
Protect Life & Health, Building Wealth

Passionate about small business

I  admire a person who is always upbeat and smiling. That’s exactly what you will find whenever you see Sandra. The dedication she has for small business owners to be successful is amazing.   I am so glad that you have such a passion for not only your business but for others as well.

Jan Daly
Cookie Artist

Fantastic to work with

Sandra is fantastic to work with! Talented, energetic and compassionate.

Promotional Marketing
Greg Smith

Dedication to small business owners

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra Eamor for a few months now. Her dedication to supporting small business owners is unparalleled. Sandra Eamor is a consultant with personality and a genuine care for her clients. Sandra brings her professional and personal experience to the table; she truly understands the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Sandra also leverages her own network to offer value for her clients. The relationship you have with Sandra will be worth every penny.

TIm Baker
Tim Baker

Wealth of knowledge

Extremely knowledgeable and professional as well as a very pleasant person!

Diana Parham
Real Estate Agent

Kind and easy to work with

Sandra was very kind and easy to work with. She was very helpful and showed me things I did not even know to ask about using. I will definitely use her services in the future.

C Leigh

Planning on future projects

I enjoyed working with Sandra, though I ended the project early because I learned that I want to be better prepared in having a clearer idea on how to set up my systems. I look forward to taking advantage of Sandra’s expertise in the future when I have specific projects in mind.


CRM expert!

This was a trickier task than I usually use Upwork for. Sandra’s bid stood head and shoulders above the rest. Her work was excellent. She knows her CRM stuff.

Simon Benn









Why choose All About Systems?

What makes All About Systems stand out is our strategic, personalized approach.

We value relationships, community, balance and transparency. Our focus is on working with smaller businesses and individuals, solopreneurs and nonprofits.

When you choose All About Systems you are choosing a technology partner who is invested in your success.

See it in action 

Take a look at our portfolio to see how we have helped small business owners and nonprofits like you.

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Systems don't need to be scary

Having the right technology empowers business owners and nonprofits to reach their goals. Get to the next level with All About Systems as your technology partner. We will find and implement efficient and affordable systems that fit your situation.

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