The Work Smarter Package for Entrepreneurs

“Knowledge is power,” and having the necessary knowledge to push your small business or solo practice in the direction you want it to go is truly a testament to power.

Having worked with many clients, we know that the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face when trying to set up or improve their operational systems is finding the time to actually get things done.  Picking a system you would like to use is the easy part.  Staying on track with implementing and adopting new solutions across your business, is the hard part.


The “Work Smarter” package is an 8-week consulting package aimed to get your business where it needs to go.


 To kick things off, we will review the current state of your small business or solo practice and identify what your goals are.  Then we will work together to create a realistic action plan.  Weekly calls will keep you on track with selecting and implementing the tools and processes to help your reach those goals.  Weekly sessions may include training, hands on configuration of system settings, identifying roadblocks and general consulting to ensure you stay on track to reach your goal.   Our quick and efficient calls will be productive and motivating. As we reach the end of our 8 week journey, you will have a clear path ahead for how to achieve and maintain your goals.  


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Building efficient operational systems isn’t an overnight endeavor, it is an exercise in continuous improvement, monitoring and adapting.  With the right foundation, the ongoing maintenance is much easier to manage on your own.  But, if you still need a helping hand, we also offer ongoing support packages for past clients.  

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Define your current state and goals

We will need a reference of where to start improving. The early part of the consultation is dedicated to getting to understand your small business or solo practice’s current state. From there, we’ll develop customized topics specializing in your needs.

Choosing the systems that fit your goals

During the consultation, we will dive into the individual goals you’ve set for your small business or solo practice. Through this assessment, we’ll determine a plan to either use the systems you have, or work together to select what you’ll need to achieve the goals you’ve set.

Implementing and streamlining processes

We’ll will review your processes together and identify areas for improvement.  You will be guided on how to create your own Standard Operating Procedures and documenting your process flows.

But How much does it cost???

This package is specifically designed and priced for entrepreneurs who need a helping hand when it comes to setting up efficient systems in their business.  Packages start at $750+HST.  Please book a discovery call to get a quote for your business.  

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