You are amazing at what you do! Keep doing it.. but if technology isn’t your strong suit, we are here to help! Book a FREE 30 minute discovery call to see how we can help you work more efficiently. We can help with just about everything from troubleshooting configuration issues with your applications, one-on-one or group training on most software, helping to select the right tools and technology to use to managing and implementing your technology projects. Have questions about the best free tools for nonprofits? We can help determine if they are a good fit!


The biggest problems for most smaller nonprofits and organizations is getting all of their systems and operations to work together efficiently. It’s okay if you are stuck! We can help. Even if it’s as simple as getting an custom email to be sent out after someone fills out a form. Or maybe it’s helping create your SOPs so that your PEOPLE are working with your PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY. Or maybe you need help figuring out how to get two systems to talk to each other to reduce manual work. We can help. Book a discovery call so we can help make your life easier!

Get On Google

Ready to get a professional email domain set up, collaborate effectively in the cloud and work smarter? Let us help you Get on Google! Nonprofits can get this for FREE if they are eligible for the Google for Nonprofits program. We can help your Nonprofit Get on Google Workspace, as well as help with ongoing admin or training. We offer a range of service to help your nonprofit Get On Google! Contact us for help with initial setup, one-on-one or group training, or ongoing maintenance and configuration.


Whether it’s training for you, your team, or your members, we can help! These are just a few of the applications we can train on – Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Asana, WordPress, Canva, Zapier, Hubspot, ZohoOne, Moodle, Mailchimp, Asana, HR Systems, Streak for Gmail, a variety of CRMs and so much more! We have delivered training in person and online. We can prepare custom workshops and presentations to meet your organization or association’s needs as well. Book a call to learn more!

Webinars and Workshops

Looking for a presenter for your next event? Download a PDF of my webinar topics.