Everyone needs an all-in-one, right? Zoho One is a bundle of apps – starting with the core Zoho products, then over 40 other apps that are designed to work together effortlessly – ranging from HR and collaboration, to marketing and project management, to finance and sales. Zoho One replaces the need for many individual products and multiple vendors.  Many small business owners think Zoho is just for CRM.  IT’S SO MUCH MORE!  It has EVERYTHING a small business needs to get started.  Zoho One is THE operating system for small businesses – one cloud platform with all the necessary applications to run an entire business, streamlining your everyday processes and helping you be more efficient at work.

I personally use Zoho One for my small business.  It has it’s quirks and pain points; but as a small business with a very small team, it is worth it.  The cost savings by having all the apps I need under one ‘roof’ make it affordable and streamlined.

Zoho One is the operating system for small businesses that helps you grow your business, run your business, and help your customers. You get access to all of the Zoho apps with only one account. This empowers you to run your business with a single vendor, single sign-on, one billing relationship, and one centralized admin console.  The only additional app you need is probably Canva to create nice looking graphics – but that is FREE!

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