I have finally found my new favourite calendar solution for managing multiple calendars.

I was struggling with finding a way to continue taking advantage of the FREE version of Calendly for booking appointments. Most of my clients aren’t quite ready to move up to a paid version… am I right? The problem is that with the FREE version, you can only sync to one calendar, and most people I know tend to have separate ones for business and personal and maybe another one for other reasons… like their social meetup groups.

So, what to do? No way was I going to manage my personal appointments manually by creating them in multiple calendars. I considered including my business account as an attendee to all my personal events, but found that wasn’t doing a good job of syncing them either since if I received an invite in my personal account, they didn’t know to add my business account.

I explored a Zapier solution, but found it too complicated for the average person to setup. I mean, I could have done it.. but I figure if it’s not easy enough for me to explain to a non-techy person, then it wouldn’t be the best solution for clients or potential clients (is that YOU?).

So, I dug through different solutions out there and came across Reclaim’s Lifework Calendar solution. Within a few minutes, following their cleverly thought out prompts, I was able to add my personal calendar events to my business calendar. So, I now have all my events synced in my business calendar. Including the event calendars that I imported from my Meetup.com groups to my personal Gmail account! Seriously… it took me longer to write this post than it did to sync my calendars!

As I mentioned, setup is SUPER easy! Watch my live demo and let me know if you have any questions!