Case Study


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PRS Forever Unlimited 


What They Do:

PRS Forever is a Chicago-based personal training company led by Jason Colley.  Jason is a one-on-one competitor, strength & conditioning coach, certified nutritionist and personal trainer.

PRS Forever combines all your nutrition, personal training and sport performance needs into one service. 

The Project:

Jason wanted to start offering online training to make his services available to clients not able to meet in person, or residing outside of the Chicago area. 

In order to effectively communicate his individualized training program to each of his clients, he required a  template that could be used repeatedly, but still allowed for flexibility to be customized to meet each client’s unique needs.

Personal Trainer

The Result:

All About Systems met with Jason to gather all the requirements for the template.  We took the time to understand how the form would be used, how it would be shared, what sections were mandatory and what drop-down selections were needed.

A Google Sheet was created that allowed Jason to quickly define a customized training program for his online clients.  We added special formulas to list exercises in a drop-down field to be narrowed down based on the selected muscle groups from another field.  The template was designed to allow for flexibility when new exercises were added or removed. 

Finally, we used field validation and protection to ensure that data entered was correct, as well as to ensure that none of the formatting, branding design, layout or formulas could be accidentally modified.

Google Sheet templates created for PRS Training programs.