Die-hard fans of Wunderilst will be sad to learn that it is is going away on May 6, 2020. Are you ready? We can help you export your tasks and select a new alternative if you are stuck. Just book a call with us, we can likely get it done during your 15-minute FREE Problem-Solving Session. CLICK HERE TO BOOK.

So, what can you do to manage your tasks and lists without Wunderlist? Well.. the possiblities are endless really… but here are a few options you have

Most users will likely move to the new Microsoft To Do that is replacing Wunderlist. I have yet to try this out in much detail as I tend to use the other alternatives below.

When you first install To Do, you get the option to import your Wunderlist tasks. So this should make for an easy move so that you don’t lost anything you have in progress.

A quick review of Microsoft’s To Do looks promising. I like that it integrates with Outlook and Apps. I have been relying heavily on Outlook tasks lately, so I’m definitely going to give it a test spin!

Other options, if you’re looking to make a switch, are not in short supply!

Other than the popular options of Trello, Todoist and Asana, I have one more option for you…

Agantty. Huh? You’ve probably never heard of it. And to be fair, Agantty is less of a task and list management system, and more of a project management tool. However, it does have an import feature, so you can move over all your tasks with just a few clicks. Find the full instructions here: https://www.agantty.com/en/blog/rip-wunderlist/

Wondering what you can do with Agantty? Read my full review by CLICKING HERE. Oh, and did I mention it was FREE?

Another option to look in to (and I only just learned about it, so stay tuned for a review), is Quire.io . Quire is a modern collaborative project management software made to help visionary teams with big ideas. Like yours.