This may not be relevant for all of you, but I need to take a moment to chat about how impressed I am with my ten and eleven year old girls and their ability to quickly grasp and adapt to new technology. The educational changes that came with this pandemic quickly forced them to become VERY tech savvy in order to succeed at online learning. Both agreed that they didn’t want to take the risk of being in a classroom during this time. While they deeply miss their friends, they have been adapting well to the changes.

I couldn’t even imagine the power of computing technology at their age. I’m impressed with their ability to pick up and quickly understand web based applications like Google Classroom. They both also completely self-taught themselves a few other apps so they could draw, animate and create You Tube videos. Then there are the games… both on the tablet and PS4.

Anyhow.. I’m getting carried away. The main reason for this post, is that when this all hit, and everyone had to move to online learning, I wanted to do my part to help parents in my community whose kids were younger and not so tech-savy. I put together the deck below to provide them with tips and tricks to help them navigate this brave new world of technology. If you find it useful, please let me know … and feel free to share it!