Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the site was not secure. Did you give that site any personal information, sign up for their newsletter or purchase a product? Probably not. Most of us by now, know to check in the address bar of the browser to make sure that little padlock is locked up tight and secure before we engage with new websites.

How secure do your customers feel when they visit your website? If you are a DIYer when it comes to your website and marketing, chances are it isn’t running secure. One way to quickly check is to type in your website address with https:// at the beginning. If your site is secure, you will connect. If you can only access your website using http:// then you need an SSL Certificate.

But good news! You can get an SSL Certificate for FREE from Let’sEncrpyt and use WP Encrypt to make it easy to install and maintain. Of course, you can also pay for one through your domain provider if you prefer. I bet you’re wondering what the difference is? Generally speaking, (as I’m not a full out cybersecurity expert), it comes down to maintenance and additional validation.

Ready to get your own free SSL Certificate? Check out WP Encrypt! Download the plugin and install it on your WordPress website. Follow the instructions.

FREE SSL Certificates provide basically the same security as paid SSL Certificates. The paid ones bring additional value in being valid for longer periods of time, and additional business (real-life) validation to give visitors extra reassurance that the website is owned by a real business. Paid certificates are usually required for larger, high transactional businesses or government agencies. Most small businesses that have some basic tech abilities can install and manage their own SSL Certificates for free. Using WP Encrypt makes it easier to maintain your free SSL Certificate.

Then, I highly recommend paying the extra $40 for the lifetime PRO version. With the Free version, you need to be prepared to re-install the certificates every three months. With the PRO Version.. you just set it up once and you are done!

Disclosure, this is an Affiliate Link. I only endorse things I believe in and have seen provide value to my business or my clients. This is a great product and I do recommend it! I think the $40 it costs to save the time and hassle of remembering to update your certificate every three months pays for itself pretty quickly!

Are you still confused as to what an SSL Certificate is and why you need one? Check out this video that explains it better than I can!