September 2020 Google Updates

September 28, 2020

Google has been hard at work as usual. September saw changes to all applications as usual, but we are only including the ones we feel are relevant to the most people here. For a full list of Google updates see the link at the bottom of this article. Several updates have also happened on Google Classroom (in Google For Education). For those updates, be sure to visit our Google Classroom For Parents Guide.

Google Drive trash items will now be automatically deleted after 30 days

THIS IS IMPORTANT! For those of you that remember, Google Drive for personal Free accounts meant that you never had to worry about permanently deleting your Trash, it would be kept forever. That is all changing next month, starting on October 13, 2020. so get ready! If you have anything in your Trash that you want to keep, you better restore those files ASAP! To hold on to those files:

  1. Go to your Trash
  2. Right-click on the file you want to keep
  3. Select Restore

Google Meet Updates

I expect that with the flurry of activity with online schooling due to the pandemic, Google has risen to the challenge and has released several new features for Google Meet. Most notably, there are more participant controls for education meetings.

You can now see up to 49 people, including yourself, at the same time in the auto and tiled layout options in Google Meet! This will greatly help with teachers using Google Classroom to see all their students at once.

To help limit distractions during meetings, you can now blur the background of your video in Google Meet.

Google Docs line spacing will now adjust based on the font you use.

Gmail Updates

Gmail users on Android can now automatically add a contact to the β€œTo” line of an email by typing “+” or β€œ@” in the body of the email and then choosing the contact’s name from the list that appears.

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