Get On Google Workspace

Have you heard? As a nonprofit, you can get Google Workspace for FREE as part of Google’s Google for Nonprofits program. Not to mention, there are a bunch of other amazing reasons to sign up for the program… like free Advertising!

At All About Systems we are passionate about helping your nonprofit work smarter so that you can do what you do best, make the world a better place! We offer a range of service to help your nonprofit Get On Google! Contact us for help with initial setup, one-on-one or group training, or ongoing maintenance and configuration.

Google Workspace is an integrated workspace that helps teams do their best work, from anywhere.

Google Workspace is FREE for eligible nonprofits!

There are so many benefits to getting on Google Workspace for Nonprofits!

  1. Branded Email Addresses – get professional looking email addresses for your nonprofit.
  2. Work in the cloud from anywhere at anytime.
  3. Built securely on Google Cloud
  4. Share and collaborate in real time from anywhere
  5. Keep data within your organization
  6. Easily integrate with other applications
  7. Better control over your data and information
  8. It replaces many other costly tools
  9. It’s easy for people in your organization to use!
  10. Did I mention it’s FREE for nonprofits??

Book a call with Sandra today to see if Google Workspace is a fit for your nonprofit!